Depilation if you are concerned about facial hair

I am thinking seriously about hair loss by having facial hair and limbs, my hair as a whole but by being in the early twenties of flowering plants.

Depilation if you are concerned about facial hair

If all hair is dark, such as facial hair, even if I carry out depilation ...

I am interested in depilation, but I have not had the courage and have never gone to hair removal. My facial hair and other places are also dense people, so I always work hard and shave myself.
Since the growing speed is fast, I will stand out as soon as I shave it almost every day.

But after all it is troublesome every day. So I'd like to try permanent hair removal, but I still do not have the courage. It is always troublesome because the skin is easy to expose in the summer, but it does not bother me because it is not exposed so much in the winter.
It has been about 5 years since that iteration.
I think that it may be good to depil hair soon because it is a good year, but I also have money to go through and I am still suffering.

I am a complex woman among my family women because they are hairy for some reason why, but recently I got used to a bit.
I think that it is useless as a woman, but shaving every day is a painful task too.
Although I'm trying to shave a little when I get bothered by myself, everyone around me is always shaving beautifully. Children who have permanently depilated hair have been increasing gradually for friends and others.
It may be natural that it is in the early twenties of flowering plants. I will be ashamed of myself.

It should be courage to go soon. Once I go, once again it will be easier, so I will try my best next time.
First of all I have to go through the case and go. As a woman, I think that I think that it is a chance to be revived, and think seriously.