Depilation if you are concerned about facial hair

I will write in detail based on experiences such as pain during depilation of facial hair with laser hair removal, and effects after that.

Depilation if you are concerned about facial hair

Hair loss hair hair loss by laser hair removal etc

I've been depilating various places so far.
This time I will tell you about facial hair depilation.
The place where I had hair depilation was a cosmetic dermatologist, but there was a laser hair depilation treatment there.
So inevitably I had laser hair removal, but I am worried about various things, such as whether there are traces of problems as it is a delicate place of face. However, because it is a cosmetic dermatologist, it is possible to use medical laser hair removal, and in the field of medical laser hair removal in recent years, it is safe because the latest laser hair depilation equipment by cooling gas is used.
This is because I irradiate the laser while injecting the cooling gas, so it feels almost no pain, and it also drastically reduces the burden on the skin, so I strongly recommend this I think that I want to do it.
Actually almost no pain is felt, the operation is completed in a short time.
Since we can also prescribe ointment after the operation is completed, aftercare is also safe.

Well, next time I'm interested, I got the effect at once.
Since there is a hair cycle, hair removal depends on the constitution of individuals, but it is told that it is completely ineffective unless it is done several times.

But it was proved that it was effective as it was possible to create places not obviously growing up in one time.
The merit that I think about depilating facial hair is that it becomes smooth as a result of the loss of facial hair, so the pores become inconspicuous, and the riding and holding of make-up has improved dramatically .
So it is highly recommended to remove hair from hair as it will lead to beautiful skin.